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Offset & Digital Print

The Perfect Blend for the Perfect Print

With both printing processes combined under one roof, we give you the value and results your business is looking for.

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The ABCs of the printing process

The print project begins its existence in the prepress department, after the graphic designers have had their say. Prepress will prepare a document to work with the specific equipment it is destined to be printed on.

A project's unique requirements will determine the most effective print technology to use, be it offset, digital, or a combination thereof.

Postpress work encompases all processing after the paper has received an image. This could involve cutting, folding, gluing, etc.

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Print technique feature matrix

Each printing technology has its own benefits, outlined in the table below. Makeda will consult with you to determine the best technology to use for your project. Often, a project will use a combination of offset and digital techniques, even on the same printed page.




print volume

big box

Due to the low cost of each impression, offset print is perfect for high volume jobs such as letterheads, flyers, and magazines.

small bag

Due to the low cost of setup, digital print is preferred for short runs such as event invitations and business cards

turnaround time

desk calendar

The high quality of offset requires a time consuming setup stage. Even a rush job will take two days to ship.


With digital techniques, product can be printed at the push of a button, and rush jobs can often ship the same day.

colour reproduction

colour fan

Offset print technology can reproduce any colour of the spectrum, and then some.

Spot colours and special inks such as flourescents, metallics, and clear coatings are routinely used for products that need an elegant touch such as brochures and prospecti.

ink drops

Digital print technology uses the 4-colour process almost universally.

This gives an accurate reproduction of nearly any color, and is suitable for many products such as business cards, posters, and banners.