business print communication

Graphic Design

Visual Communication that Builds Relationships

Graphic design is a visual language -- one that can persuade, inform, identify, motivate and engage your audience.

dog and owner contemplating the meaning of life on beachfront

An image is worth a thousand words

Use this popular adage to your advantage when you design your next attention-grabber with us.

Image-based techniques evoke emotions quicker and more consistently than mere prose. Illustrations can be the heart of the document when it comes to explaining difficult concepts. These illustations can minimize the effort spent by the audience to digest your content. Graphics can depict actions or instructions without reverting to language at all, which is useful in the internationalization of documents.

Form(at) follows function

In other words, the format and layout of a document will determine, to a large extent, how the audience will use it. A professional layout also goes a long way to making a document "believable" as well as useful.

What is your audience to take away from your document? Where do you want them to begin? What is the call-to-action? A well thought-out layout will implicitly answer these questions for the audience. Tried and true layout principles and design patterns pave the way, but a few good brainstorming sessions with our designers can go much further to making a functional layout come to life.

Typography is not an afterthought

Typography is one of the basic design elements used to emphasize a message and make it creative and expressive.

Designing with type can increase the effectiveness of your message by:

  • creating visual hierarchy

    Readers make a mental map of your document based on the relative sizes of headings, subtitles, etc.

  • enhancing readability

    Proper alignment and spacing of paragraphs, lines, and words will reduce the effort required to read.

  • defining mood

    Type sets the mood and can say as much to the reader as the copy itself, even before they actually begin reading.